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Here you will find valuable information for Dance Studio Directors, dancers, teachers and performers. This website is a collaboration of downloadable class tutorials, a blog (to ask questions or post comments regarding dance related issues), and information on running, maintaining and building a dance studio. It also includes direct access and mentor-ship from a dance professional who has worked in almost every atmosphere of the dance world from exclusive high end studios to recreation programs in inner cities. Advice is based on what Charis has learned, from both her positive and negative experiences as a dance professional of over 31 years, and is now available to help you do what works!!!. The site was birthed out of the desire Charis' past students had to want continue training with her, even after she was no longer at their studios, living in the same area or who home-school and need a p.e. credit in which their studio doesn't provide. It is also a great tool for people who are stranded at home on days of inclement weather, in rural areas unable to access a studio or just want to take another teacher's class. It is also resource for people who are just not comfortable taking a dance class in front of others. The classes are available in different genres and levels for each dancer’s personal needs.


available in all different genres and levels for each dancer’s personal needs

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Master Teacher

learn from someone who has literally worked in every avenue of the dance world

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Art Administrator

with decades of experience running, maintaining and or building a dance studio

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